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Xaml Helpmeet Revision History

Changes Scheduled for Next Release
I hope that I am near the end of the most obvious bugs and that we can move into the Beta phase soon. At this stage all known bugs have been addressed and fixed or mitigated. The more esoteric bugs will be harder to isolate, but hopefully they will be fewer non that the code has had some time to "cure" and that I am getting a better understanding of some of the more difficult sections of the original code.

This is the first code I have worked with that used reflection for more than insignificant purposes, and the first time I've worked with secondary domains. I had to get up to speed on that a little in order to understand what was happening in the reflection routines of the code. The subject of application domains is an interesting one, and I can see how useful it might be in projects written to allow plugins. If you have never studied up on it, give it a "Goggle," or "Bing" it if you prefer, and read up.

New Features Planned
  1. Comment/Uncomment Selected Text
  2. Selection help
Bug Fixes
  1. Edit Columns and Rows breaks controlsid #974 fixed.
February 14, 2013 -- Version 0.3.4793 Alpha
  1. Fields List from Class Exceptionid #943 fixed.
  2. Several disabled menu items incorrectlyid #948 fixed.
February 11, 2013 -- Version 0.2.4790 Alpha
  1. Extract Selected Properties to Style issueid #929 fixed.
  2. Fields List from Class Exceptionid #943 fixed.
  3. Auto Layout Function bugid #930 fixed.
  4. Field List from Class option disabledid #944 fixed.
February 5, 2013 -- Version 0.1.4784 Alpha
First official alpha release.

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