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Xaml Helpmeet (XHM) is an extension to Visual Studio 2012 designed to help programs work with xaml. After Installation you will find two new sub menus within Visual Studio's context menus. A small sub menu will exist within context menus belonging to code editors, and a larger sub menu (with its own sub menus) will exist within the context menu of the xaml text editor.

Some of the menu items are enabled only when text is selected in the xaml text editor. Others are always available as long as the context menu that contains them is available.

To find the menus create a project that contains a xaml window or control, and open the xaml file. If the file opens in design view, click on the Xaml tab to open the xaml text. Now right click within the window. The context menu will open and you will see the "Xaml Helpmeet" menu toward the top of the menu. Do the same thing with a C# or VB file. The code window's context menu opens look toward the bottom of the menu for the "Xaml Helpmeet" menu.

Experiment with all of the menu items available within those menus to get an idea of what they might do, but do be careful with the Chainsaw button. It is mean.

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