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The inner workings of Xaml Helpmeet can be categorized in several ways. One of the ways is to consider the functions available according to classifications, There are several different kinds of functions available according to the following classifications:

Xaml Generation

There are four commands that fit into this category, because they deal with commands that are designed to generate xaml text. Some of these functions insert the text at location of the cursor at the time the function was first called. Others simply put the text on the clipboard, allowing you to insert the generated text wherever you wish.

The Xaml Generation functions are described in more detail on the pages linked below.

Cleanup Functions

The Cleanup Functions consist of three commands that are designed to remove attributes of a selected tag. For these functions to work you must select the tag you want to clean up, and call the function by clicking on the appropriate menu item.

The three Cleanup Functions are described in more detail in these links:

Wrapper Functions

Most of the functions are Wrapper Functions. These functions take a section of selected xaml and wrap those functions in various control tags. Most simply wrap the selected control into another control. A few will add a Border and another control around the selected control.

All of the Wrapper Functions are described in these links:

Quick Edit Functions

Finally there are two functions to quickly perform two editing functions as described in these links:

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