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February 11, 2013

Alpha Release

I released the first alpha version of XHM last week, and as is normal in these cases immediately found an issue that required an immediate update. The VSIX file would not install the extension. The reason I found was that one of the file names referenced in the manifest was misspelled. My release notes file was named "ReleaseNotes.rtf" within the VSIX file, but a space found it way into the name in the file manifest. This file is displayed to the user before the VSIX file is installed, and the installer requires that it be right before it will proceed.

After getting that fixed and uploading a new copy of the release several other issues were discovered. This was not very surprising since the release is only a beta, but I could still hope that the remaining bugs were not as serious. The main issues have to do with functions within a couple windows, having to do with binding failures. Most of the identified bugs have already been fixed and have been uploaded as source.

Later on tonight I will do a little more testing and upload a second alpha release. Once all of the functions appear to be working nominally I will move on to the next phase and release the first beta. That will be at least a few days out.

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